Artwork Information

As part of the review process, please provide a photograph of all pieces to display and a mock arrangement.

Upload Artwork below:

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As part of the criteria, you will be required to:

  1. Agree that you do not have a gallery or studio within the city/town of the café.
  2. Create and print a business size (3.5 x 2) information card for each piece to display: artist name, artist phone and cost of piece, piece name (optional). *Note: Artist may NOT use tape unless it is double sided and does not show. No foam tape will be allowed.
  3. Create a framed, typed 8.5x11 bio to hang about yourself and your art beside your display.
  4. Agree to hang your art on the date given by the café manager. Port City Java will not be responsible for hanging any artwork for the artist.
  5. Agree that all work is original, aesthetically pleasing, well-executed, thematic or in a series, of substantial size, non-confrontational or controversial, relevant and worthwhile.
  6. Agree that your work is framed or on canvas with a wire on the back ready for hanging.
  7. Optional: Agree to work with the cafe manager to organize a reveal reception on the date given by the manager.

    The reveal reception is an opportunity to showcase your work to your friends and family on the given night. Port City Java will provide the space for your reception (as agreed to by the manager). No outside food, beverage or alcohol will be allowed to be brought into the café. No live music will be allowed into the café. Artist will be able to sell prints and artwork or as an opportunity to feature a live art demo* during this event. All arrangements will need to be made with the manager from the café and approved by the café DM. Port City Java reserves the right to change any agreements prior to the event if needed. The artist agrees that there will be no disruption in the café due to the showcase.

    *Live Art Demo is a two hour event in the café of your choice to demonstrate your talents live, to an audience. You will be given a small space in the café to set up your supplies. At that time, you will be given the chance to sell your art during the demo. You must bring your own art supplies including drop cloth to put under your area. For more information you can contact us at
  8. Agree to manage all of the sales of their artwork. Port City Java will not be responsible for accepting payments on the artist’s behalf nor will Port City Java accept commission on the sale of any art work.
    a. Artists can replace work that has been bought during the 180 day period.
  9. Agree to pick up the pieces of art work upon notice, 180 days after the contract agreement or earlier. Should the artist fail to pick up their art work from the café after 5 days, Port City Java reserves the right to remove the artwork to donate or store the pieces for future use.
  10. Agree to not hold Port City Java responsible for any damage or theft of the artwork.
  11. Agree to allow Port City Java to photograph and/or film the artwork for media use.
  12. In order to enter into an Artist Agreement with Port City Java, artists must be 18 years of age or older. 

By checking this box, you are agreeing to the terms laid out above. As a matter of policy, Port City Java reserves the right to reject any work that is not keeping within these guidelines.