Donation Request

Port City Java is committed to our community and guests. We have strived for over 20 years to be a local partner with our community. Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive annually, we have created more defined guidelines for our donation program. Last year alone, Port City Java donated over $45,000 in free product to non-profit organizations and events throughout New Hanover County and surrounding areas. We will continue to support our community with donations based on the following guidelines:

  •  Must have a registered EIN and be a non-profit organization.
  • Must be able to guarantee your event will host 100+ attendees.
  • All coffee products donated must go directly to the non-profit organizations event.
  • Port City Java must be guaranteed full coffee distribution exclusivity at your event.
  • If you meet these criteria, your organization must be willing to pick up the donation from either our corporate offices or from a Port City Java café, depending on donation chosen.

At this time, we are not providing any monetary donations. If your event does not meet the criteria above, we respectfully deny the opportunity to provide a donation. However, if your event does meet the criteria, please fill out this online form and submit it no later than 14 business days prior to your event. We reserve the right to deny donations for any reason, including, but not limited to criteria above.

Donation Request Form

Available Items for Donation, please check the donation item and choose the quantity. Choose (1) item only.

includes two pounds of freshly roasted coffee and two travel mugs. (Retail value of $45 per gift bag)

Includes redeemable coupons for one tall coffee per card at any Port City Java location (Retail value of $1.80 per coupon)

Includes freshly brewed coffee, cups, beverage sleeves and condiments served by PCJ Brand Ambassadors for a maximum of four hours or until the coffee is gone.

Includes ongoing gift of $50 gift card per month for one year. (Retail value of $600)