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Green coffee, roasted coffee and cupping.

Roasting Coffee Beans - Port City Java Coffee Shop

Beans cooling down after roasting . This photo shows the 60 kilo Ambex roaster that does most of the heavy lifting for us.

Coffee Bean Samples - Port City Java Cafe

Before we buy any green beans, we run sample roasts through several cupping sessions. The varying time and temperatures of the roasting process greatly affect the flavor, aroma and body of the coffee we serve. We roast and meticulously record everything we do so we can reproduce what impresses us and learn from what doesn't.

Roasting Organic Coffee - Port City Java Cafe

Roasting green beans creates the depth and complexity we love about coffee. A 60-kilo Ambex roaster does all the heavy lifting for us while our 15-kilo Ambex roaster is used exclusively for our USDA Certified Organic coffees. As green beans are roasted, complex chemical reactions occur and change their composition. Beans will change color, density and aromatic oils are forced to the surface as the remaining moisture in the beans evaporates.

Blending allows us to reach beyond the range of what one single origin can bring. Our signature blends marry complementary coffees from different origins to create unique and distinctive tastes, aromas and finishes. Every coffee roasts a bit differently so our signature blends are only combined after each origin is roasted separately.