Brewing Fundamentals

With fresh roasted Port City Java beans on hand, little else stands in the way of achieving the perfect cup, save for honoring the four fundamentals of brewing: grind, proportion, water and freshness.


Grinding Coffee Beans - Port City Java CafeCoffee is a highly perishable agricultural product whose primary enemies are oxygen and moisture. Once coffee is ground, the surface area increases dramatically as does the opportunity for oxygen and moisture to degrade it. For optimum quality, grind only the amount you intend to brew immediately before you brew it.

Choosing the correct grind rests with the brewing method. The longer the time your gourmet coffee will be in contact with water during brewing, the coarser the grind should be. Less brewing time requires a finer grind. A grind that is too coarse for the brewing method used yields weak, under-extracted coffee. Too fine a grind produces an over-extracted, bitter cup.

Coffee brewed in a French press is steeped in water for about four minutes and demands a coarser grind. Espresso shots require about 20 seconds of brewing time and take kindly to a very find grind. Drip coffee is best with a medium grind and vacuum pots of cone filters work well with a fine grind.


The recommended proportion is two tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. If you feel the flavor is stronger than you prefer, simply dilute the brewed coffee with fresh, hot water later. The importance of this ratio lies in the extraction process. For the balanced, pleasing flavors you expect from Port City Java coffee, try to follow the ratio and adjust for a milder cup later if you wish.


Since water represents 98% of brewed coffee's volume, its influence on your cup's quality is significant. Fresh, cold water free of impurities is vital to perfectly brewed coffee. Distilled or softened water should be avoided, if possible.

Water temperature is also a critical factor in extraction. Except for espresso brewing, water for every other method should be "just off the boil"—195-205° F—to pull a coffee's complete range of flavors into the brew.


The perfect cup demands freshness. Only fresh roasted, high-quality arabica beans that have been recently ground and brewed can meet this standard for excellence. Port City Java coffees are roasted five days a week in Wilmington, NC. We guarantee our coffee is fresher than any national brand found in your local grocer.
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