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We guarantee you the perfect cup no matter how you like your coffee. We use the best coffee beans, premium brands like Ghirardelli® chocolates and Monin® syrups and spend a significant amount of time training our baristas to get it all right. Unlike most coffee shops, we don’t use any bases or pre-made powder mixes in your specialty drinks. We don’t want to eat that stuff and figure you don’t either. Our smoothies are made with real whole frozen fruit, pure fruit juice and a little all-natural syrup. Our frappes and milkshakes are made with real ice cream. We hope you stop and savor our mouthwatering treats.

Our baked goods are prepared fresh daily. Our iconic breakfast sandwiches are about as tasty as they come and are served on perfectly toasted English muffins with fluffy eggs, aged cheddar cheese and your choice of meat. They’re so yummy we wish every meal was breakfast! Traditional lunchtime favorites including wraps and sandwiches from our PCJ EATs collection that have been dressed with all the trimmings to make for delicious meals embraced by food lovers everywhere. Isn’t it time to dig in?

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